April 1, 2015:

GitHub is now hosting IRRd development at irrdnet


IRRd is a freely available, stand-alone Internet Routing Registry database server. IRRd supports the RPSL and RPSLng (Routing Policy Specification Language) standards.

The IRRd package includes all required IRR support services, including: automated near real-time mirroring of other IRR databases, update syntax checking, authentication/security, and notification.

Please see GitHub for the latest IRRd release.

The IRRToolSet will likely be of interest to those who wish to use a route registry for the generation of router configurations.

Also of interest is the IRR.pm Perl module. IRR.pm interfaces with IRRd and can be used for handling queries and modifying database objects.

IRRd software is used to run the Merit RADb routing registry which can be queried at whois.radb.net. For more info on Merit RADb, see www.radb.net.

A mailing list, irrd@rpsl.net, has been created for IRRd users to share experiences and advice. To subscribe or for the archives of the list, please visit http://lists.rpsl.net/mailman/listinfo/irrd.

IRRd is provided by Merit Network Inc.
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